De Santiago, Ana

Dr. Ana de Santiago Martín



Pharmacy (Soil Science). Complutense University of Madrid. Spain


Transport of trace metals and emerging pollutants and their interaction with soil constituents

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IMDEA Water. Avenida Punto Com, 2. Parque Científico Tecnológico de la Universidad de Alcalá. Alcalá de Henares. 28805 MADRID


She has a European PhD in Pharmacy (2013) at UCM. She worked as an Assistant in the Department of Pedology (UCM) (2008-2013) and, later, she worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Laval University (Quebec) (2014-2016). She joined IMDEA Water in 2017 as a Researcher (Attraction of Talent), where she is a member of the Soil and Water Quality research group.

Her research career has been developed on evaluation of soil and water contamination, linked to the impact on human and environmental health and aligned with the One Health concept. Her lines of research include: 1. Transport, natural attenuation, and risk of contaminants of emerging concern; and 2. Nature-based solutions for water reuse.

Her research career is framed, both nationally and internationally, in 20 projects (3 as co-PI), 8 contracts, 29 scientific articles, 13 chapters, 8 popular articles, and 55 conferences.

She is a professor at the university MSc in “Ecosystem Restoration” (UAH) and “Agro-environmental Technology for Sustainable Agriculture” (UPM), she has co-directed a PhD thesis (another is in progress) and several MSc theses, and actively participates in outreach activities to society (Pint of Science, etc.).