Green filters

Pilot plant for research on purification/reuse using nature-based Solutions.

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Green filter

Vegetation filters

Pilot plant to conduct research of wastewater treatment and reuse through nature-based solutions. 2 plots of 50 m2 equipped with: flow meters, irrigation hydrants, impulse pumps, possibility of installing tanks to test any type of water, piezometers and lysimeters.

Contaminant leaching test equipment

Contaminant leaching test equipment

Column Leaching Equipment

The equipment is used to study the contaminant reactive transport under variable saturated conditions. The system includes the following components:

  1. Peristaltic pump to provide at a controlled rate the influent containing the contaminant solution to the system.
  2. Flow cell filled up with the reactive porous media through which contaminants infiltrate.
  3. Vacuum chamber and pressure regulator (unsaturated conditions only): The flow cell outlet is connected to the vacuum chamber through which the moisture content is modified.
  4. Tensiometers with pressure transducers: to measure the soil water tension in the flow cell. The tension is then related to the water content using the porous media-water retention curve.
  5. Oxygen dipping probes to monitor the redox conditions in the flow cell. The optical measurement is based on the fluorescence-quenching effect of oxygen.
  6. Fraction collector to sample at regular time steps the effluent from the flow cell.