Research project for the development of innovative solutions in the management of brine discharges from desalination plants


Duration: 2010


IMDEA Water works to find solutions for the management of the concentrate obtained as a by-product in inland desalination and water treatment plants. It was observed that all usual processes for concentrate disposal (discharging on the surface, evaporation lagoons, and so on) lead to a loss of water and an extra economical burden, in addition to the negative aspects associated with each of them. This research line is therefore mainly focused on the only viable option to manage this kind of concentration nowadays, which is deep well injection, but only where the geology and hydrogeology of the area meets certain conditions to be able to carry out deep injection in isolated deposits. Similarly, IMDEA Water is examining different methods currently under research and development to achieve a sustainable and viable management of concentrate by-product from large interior desalination plants. All of these emerging methods tend to achieve virtually zero liquid discharge, which means a higher use of the water (as a resource) and, occasionally, the possibility to use the solid waste depending on its composition.


Funded by: SACYR SADYT