Sustainable Desert Ecosystem Management with Use of Treated Waste Water for Forage Irrigation in Kuwait


Duration: 2019 - 2022



The project is aimed to evaluate:

a) quality of TWW, produced in different water treatment plants in Kuwait.
b) forage biomass yield and nutritional quality responses to TWW irrigation.
c) potential accumulation of emerging contaminants in the soil and forage biomass.

General activities

a) Summarize existing information
b) Sampling TWW, chemical analysis and results assessment
c) Field experiments at KISR
d) Evaluation of forage nutrition qualities
e) In-vitro and in vivo studies
f) Soil Health Assessment of Intensive Agricultural Practices on Desert Native Ecosystem.

Expected results

The deliverables will demonstrate the safe use of TWW for forage irrigation, as an economically appealing alternative to discharge of this resource into sea, without causing degradation of soil quality, ecosystem sustainability or risk of food safety.


Funded by: Kuwait Institute for scientific research (KISR)