Title: Treatment and Reuse of Waste water for Sustainable Management

Duration: 2006 - 2012


The main objective of Consolider Tragua is to harness the expertise of 24 research groups in different areas to address the reuse of purified wastewater in an integrated manner. For this, there is a strong multidisciplinary team with proven research experience. The team carried out a study of the application of water treatments from the WWTP’s, based on advanced technologies. This set the criteria for chemical and biological water quality and for determining their impact on the environment. As with any other activities aimed at sustainability, there are also economic benefits, so the proposals have relevant socioeconomic value.

During the Science Gala 2012, Consolider Tragua was acknowledged by the Directorate General of Technical and Scientific Research as one of the five projects that represent the quality of the Spanish science and that have been funded by the Spanish National Research Plan. This acknowledgment joins the Innovation Award in the practice of sustainable urban water management, awarded by the International Water Association (IWA) in the framework of the “2010 Prizes for Excellence in Sustainable Urban Water Management”.


Grant CSD2006-00044 funded by: