Title: Reuse of treated urban wastewaters for environmental uses: aquifer recharge through permeable reactive beds and forestry for power production

Duration: 2010 - 2012


From the physical environment point of view, this project deals with the study of two different technologies for the reuse of urban waste water for environmental applications under RD 1620/2007: first re-use agricultural techniques (Land Application Systems species and irrigation for biomass and biofuels) and reuse of surface recharge systems through regeneration by horizontal reactive beds. The main aim is to develop the applicability of these technologies in environmental applications for small communities. Within this overall goal are the following objectives: a) restoring the treated water, reducing the mobility and bioavailability of unwanted substances present in purified water, and b) achieving an added environmental benefit through reuse in irrigation for generation of biomass crops for energy purposes.


Grant CGL2009-13168-C03-01 funded by: