Title: Red Consolider Tragua

Duration: 2014 - 2017


In December 2014 the Consolider Tragua Network (TRAGUANET) became operational. This network is funded by the MINECO in the last call for Networks of Excellence “Consolider”. During two years TRAGUANET will allow the communication and collaboration among the 24 groups that were part of the project Consolider Tragua.

Traguanet continues to make progress in existing lines related to the reuse of purified wastewater in an integrated manner. Moreover, new lines will be opened as, for example, water reuse for human consumption, the water-energy binomial, the impact of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, and the impact of reuse on climate change.

The network is open to public and private, national and foreign institutions. Dissemination and outreach efforts are also being enhanced to promote a change of trend in the social perception of “water reuse” in order to be considered as an important resource rather than a waste product.


Grant CTM2014-53485-REDC funded by: