Students of the Master in Hidrology and Water Resources Management simulated the potabilization process as disaster response

Published On: April 22, 2016

The Emergency Response Unit Water and Sanitation (ERU WATSAN) of Spanish Red Cross participated in theoretical and practical workshop about how to supply fresh water in case of a natural disaster. This simulation was conducted by Raquel García Pacheco (IMDEA WATER staff and ERU WATSAN volunteer), Amaia Ortiz de Lejarazu (IMDEA Water) and Roger Calabuig (ERU WATSAN volunteer) at the IMDEA WATER facilities on 19 April. Master students selected the appropriated water point to locate the potabilization unit. The also designed some other logistical parameters such as water catchment, water treatment and water distribution, to provide safe water to more than 3000 people.


ERU WATSAN provides a standardized package of equipment modules fully self-sufficient to assure treatment and distribution of 225,000 litres of water per day to up to 15,000 people

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