“The night of water” returns to Alcalá de Henares with eight activities

Published On: September 16, 2022

At the next European Researchers’ Night in Madrid, our researchers have prepared a wide variety of stands and workshops where you will learn first-hand how they approach water-related research from different fields.

On 30 September at IMDEA Water we will be celebrating the European Researchers’ Night in Madrid, an event that is being held simultaneously in more than 350 European cities.

At our stands you will learn how we can treat urban wastewater in a sustainable way using electroactive microorganisms. You will also discover how a microorganism is isolated from the environment and how we can determine whether that microorganism is resistant to different antibiotics. You will also discover what ecotoxicology is and how pollutants in the environment affect aquatic life. You will also learn what a membrane is, how it is used to decontaminate water, and how it can be recycled at end-of-life. You will also discover how much water we consume, how we generate pollutants in our homes, how these can reach the environment and the food chain, and what natural attenuation processes are. And finally, you will be able to visit a stand where some researchers will tell you where the micro and nanoplastics that you can find in the environment come from and you will identify their relationship with the water cycle and with human activities, understanding the importance of rational consumption and sustainable management of the plastics we use.

You will also be able to attend two workshops. In the first one, our researchers and technicians will show you how pollutants are transported through water and soil, how they are extracted and how they are detected in water, soil and plant samples. In the second workshop they will show you that there are many living things that we cannot see at first glance. You will learn how to isolate them, what they eat and how to distinguish them.

All activities are aimed at the general public and will take place on 30 September 2022 at IMDEA Agua, located at Avenida Punto Com nº2 in Alcalá de Henares, between 18:00 and 21:00. The details of each activity are listed in the table below:

Title of the activity

No. of passes per activity


STANDS – Without prior reservation

Electroactive bacteria to purify wastewater


Antibiotic resistance: from environment to laboratory

Hidden in the water

Recycling keepers: seawater operation

Are we polluting beyond our means?

Where does your plastic end?

WORKSHOPS  Prior reservation is required through eventos.agua@imdea.org

(reservations for each workshop will be made on a first come, first served basis and only from the registration start date of 19/09/2022 at 9:00)

Pollutants tour: transport, analysis and detection in the IMDEA Water laboratories



The aquatic microworld


18:30-19:00 y 20:00-20:30

The European Researchers’ Night in Madrid is a project to support the careers of researchers with the aim of raising awareness of the role of researchers and the importance of their work for the well-being of society. In Madrid it is coordinated by the Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d.

MADRIDNIGHT is a science outreach project, coordinated by Fundación madri+d and funded by the European Union within the Horizon Europe Programme, under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions with grant agreement no. 101061343.

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