Tool for watershed management in Latin America and the Caribbean

Published On: July 12, 2018

Workshop on learning and using the Hydro-BID tool

Hydro-BID is a simulation tool designed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for the management and planning of water resources under change scenarios (climate, land use, population..) for the Latin American region and the Caribbean (LAC). It allows evaluating water quantity and quality, infrastructure needs and adaptation projects in response to these changes.

During the 10th and 11th of July, an intensive course-workshop on the use and management of this tool was held in the city of Quito, Ecuador. This training is part of the face-to-face phase of the Master of Hydrology and Water Resources Management.

The workshop was presented by Dr. Nauro Nalesso, leader of the Water and Sanitation division of the IDB, and responsible for the Hydro-BID program. The attendees, among whom has been a representation of IMDEA Water, have been able to know this tool composed of a database and a simple and flexible platform, which is accessible to all since it has no cost.

The Hydro-BID Simulation System is a software with two components: a numerical model that includes hydrological and climatic analysis modules to estimate the availability of volumes and freshwater flows at different scales (regional, basins and sub-basins levels); and a database with the delimitation, pre-parameterization and connectivity of approximately 250 thousand basins in LAC.

 Mauro Nalesso is also the coordinator of the Hydro-BID Support Centre, whose purpose is to offer tools, analytical services, training, and specific solutions for the integrated management of water resources in LAC.

 The Master of Hydrology and Water Resources Management is a joint degree taught by the University of Alcalá and the Rey Juan Carlos University, in which IMDEA Water actively collaborates in the teaching of lectures, management and supervising Master's Final Projects, and also, being member of the Teaching Commission.














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