EFQM Excellence

Institute IMDEA Water, committed to continuous improvement and excellence, has decided to apply the EFQM Model to detect opportunities for improvement in management. This model is a leader in Europe and the world and is used by more than 30,000 organizations.


Starting from the principle that “what can not be measured can not be improved”, EFQM Model offers an integral tool that aims to help organizations to know themselves better, to carry out an objective, rigorous and structured analysis of their functioning and, in consequently, to improve its management. This model establishes a working framework that makes it easier for the organization to analyze its management and implement actions to anticipate changes in the local and global environment.

Among the values of excellence sought by IMDEA Water and measured by this model are:

  • Achieving success by building on people’s talents
  • Create a sustainable future
  • Develop the capacity of the organization
  • Take advantage of creativity and innovation
  • Support researchers and add value to collaborating entities and clients
  • Lead with vision, inspiration and integrity
  • Manage with agility
  • Maintain outstanding results over time

Sello 400 EFQM

IMDEA Water began introducing quality models and tools in 2009 by applying the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers of the European Commission, which then complemented with the EFQM system of the Management Excellence Club. This entity granted IMDEA Water the Seal of Excellence 400+ in 2021 and again in 2024.