Water and Energy for inclusive growth

Published On: October 11, 2017

Spanish Delegation on Water Technologies to India

The India Water Week is a platform to elicit ideas and opinions form global-level decision makers, politicians, researchers and entrepreneurs in the field of water resources development and management for mutual benefit and goodwill. This edition based on the theme “Water and Energy for Inclusive Growth” will have the following major components: Water, food and energy security-essential requeriment for sustainable development; Water for inclusive growth; Sustainable energy development-key for all-round economic growth; and Water and society.

Water and energy are essential needs in our day-to-day life. At the same time, these are most important inputs for any efforts for social upliftment and economic growth of a country. In India, with the increasing demand by the growing population and improvement in economic status, the demands on the available resources are increasing and the country needs to constantly strive towards stretching the same water to satisfy larger needs.

IMDEA Water participates from 10th to 13rd on October in the India Water Week in New Delhi. This event is a platform which shows technologies, held meetings and conferences take place. In short, it is a meeting point where experts in water and energy fields can contact to establish international collaborations that allow to participate in joint projects of research and innovation.

IMDEA Water shows its wastewater treatment technologies, water quality control, urban wastewater reclaimed reuse techniques, its experience in design of exposure and effects models of emerging pollutants in ecosystems and recycling disposed reverse osmosis membranes in circular economy context.

The attendance to this event is framed in a technological mission organized by Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI).


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