XI International Congress of the Asociación Española de Desalación y Reutilización

Published On: October 19, 2016

IMDEA Water participate in the XI International Congress of AEDyR, which is celebrated in Valencia, on October 19,20 and 21.

The Asociación Española de Desalación y Reutilización (AEDyR), Asociación Española de Desalación y Reutilización(AEDyR), celebrates this year its XI International Congress in Valencia, on October 19, 20 and 21. The International Congress of AEDyR has become one of the most important and influential in the desalination and reuse world.    

AEDyR brings together the most importants companies in the sector (engineering, construction, operators, suppliers, etc.), academia and public institutions interested in the field of water, and has important international contributions to share experiences and progress in water treatment, especially in quality standards, energy consumption, new technologies and environmental protection.  

​The Congress is structured in five technical sessions addressing the following topics: "Innovation in desalination plants", "Innovation in the treatment of wastewater and drinking water", "Energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental protection", "Advances in membrane technology and direct osmosis "and" Reuse, innovation and practical cases". The third day of the Congress will be destined to the dissemination of CDTI  funding programs and for innovative public purchases. Congress closed its eleventh edition with two round tables, in the first round table, Eloy García Calvo, director of IMDEA Water, will act as moderator and the topic will be “reuse”, and in the second round table the topic will be  “desalination”, the moderator will be Domingo Zarzo, Director of Optimization, R & D + I and HSE Valoriza Water and President of AEDyR.

In this event Juan M.Ortiz, researcher at IMDEA Water, is participating through the oral communication "Optimization of microbial desalination cells for obtaining drinkable water and reuse water", whose authors are: Juan M. Ortiz (IMDEA Water), Zulema Borjas (IMDEA Water), Victor M. Monsalvo (FCC Aqualia), Abraham Esteve-Nuñez (IMDEA Water) and Frank Rogalla (FCC Aqualia). 

The event, is also attended by Raquel Garcia, researcher at IMDEA Water, who is presenting the results of Life-Transfomem project through the intervention "Life-Transfomem: an example of recycling in the desalination world" The oral presentation reveals the work developed by the consortium formed by IMDEA Water,  SADYT and  VALORIZA Water during the past year. To sum up, the filtering properties of the membranes that have been recycled using two different methodologies (passive immersion and recirculation of sodium hypochlorite solution) are showed. The results are promising and allowed the publication of two scientific papers, 2 presentations at international congress and one patent application.





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