Title: Innovation and recycling of membranes for water treatment

Duration: 2016 - 2019



The main objective of the INREMEM project is to recycle disposed reverse osmosis membranes (at laboratory scale) and to transform them into membranes that will be used in the treatment of waters from different sources: wastewater, surface water and osmotic solutions.

General activities

INREMEM studies the development and implementation of recycled membranes in 5 different water treatment technologies:

a) biomembranes for the treatment of surface water,
b) membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment,
c) forward osmosis for wastewater treatment,
d) electrodialysis for the regeneration of osmotic solutions and
e) membrane distillation for the regeneration of osmotic solutions.

Expected results

INREMEM provides an alternative membrane management route to the disposal in landfills of end-of-life membranes. INREMEM will contribute to circular economy approach as well as to the effort of the European Union to become a “recycling society”.


Grant CTM2015-65348-C2-1-R funded by: