Biology and Microbiology Lab

The Biology and Microbiology Laboratory supports water quality monitoring programs through standardized and innovative methods to achieve the objectives set by the Water Framework Directive (DMA 2000/60 / EC) .


  • Identification and monitoring of cyanobacteria in water
  • Extraction and quantification of microcystins
  • Biodegradation analysis of microcystins
  • Analysis of microbiological indicators (E. coli, Enterococcos, Coliforms, Clostridium, Pseudomonas aeruginosa) to determine the quality of drinking and recreational waters
  • Analysis of biological indicators for the determination of the ecological state of the waters
  • Determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations (MICs) of microorganisms (antibiograms)
  • Acute and chronic toxicity tests with algae, invertebrates and fish following standard protocols (ISO, OECD)
  • Microcosm and mesocosm tests at the population and community level


The microscopy unit is equipped with high-quality optical microscopes, with high-resolution photo-mounting systems, to facilitate identification and counting microscopic organisms:

  • Light microscope, Olympus CX41
  • Stereo microscope, Olympus SZX10
  • Stereo microscope, Olympus SZX7
  • Stereo microscope, Olympus SZ51
  • Digital photo camera, Olympus

  • Incubator for cyanobacteria and bacteria cultures.
  • Rotary evaporator with a cooling system, Buchi, for extraction of cyanotoxins.
  • Solid Phase extraction equipment, for concentrating toxin extracts.
  • Electrophoresis gels documentation system GelDoc Go Imaging System of Bio-Rad.
  • Real-time PCR (AB7300) for quantitative and qualitative gene studies.
  • Nano-photometer (Epoch) for the quantification of DNA and RNA.
  • Gel electrophoresis equipment (Biorad) for DNA and RNA.
  • Thermocycler (PCR) for DNA amplification.
  • Homogenizer for DNA extraction (Precellys).
  • Incubators for testing under standard conditions.
  • Cultures of algae, invertebrates and fish.
  • Tanks of different sizes for standard and microcosm tests.
  • Bathtubs with automatic temperature and lighting regulation.
  • Equipment for measuring temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and pH in situ.
  • Temperature data loggers (Gemini Tinytag Explorer).
  • Electrical contact indicator.
  • GPS.
  • Screens and networks for macroinvertebrate and phytoplankton sampling.
  • Flowmeter.

PCR Thermocycler, to perform PCR reaction

Gel Documentation System, GelDoc Go Imaging System of Bio-Rad

Incubator for cyanobacteria and bacteria cultures