Colin Wardman

Colin Wardman

Research assistant


Microbial electrochemical technologies

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He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Humboldt State University in California (2003-2008), where his lab and research gained recognition when featured on a National Geographic program highlighting science on the Pacific Crest Trail. He conducted research on primary production in the microbial community of Boiling Springs Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park. His exceptional work in this area earned him the highly regarded Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship.

Subsequently, he pursued a Master of Science in Microbiology from the University of Massachusetts (2011-2014). Collaborating with Dr. Derek Lovley, he focused on developing innovative techniques utilizing graphite electrodes for the real-time monitoring of subsurface microbial metabolism. His notable contribution in this field was recognized with the “Outstanding Student Poster” award at the American Society for Microbiology General Meeting 2014.

Currently, he is a valued member of the Bioe group at IMDEA Water, where he works under the guidance of Abraham Esteve Núñez. Within this role, he has actively contributed to several noteworthy projects, including but not limited to the H2020 initiatives of iMETlands and MIDES. Most notably, he was involved with iMETlands designing and constructing a wastewater treatment facility at IMDEA Water. In collaboration with MIDES, his research primarily focused on developing a set of electrochemical gradient chemostat reactors, also known as an electrochemical gradostat. This innovative approach aimed to customize and adapt microbes and microbial communities for applications in microbial desalination. His significant findings were presented at the prestigious 2019 IWA’s Leading Edge Technology Conference in Edinburgh.