Title: Design and construction of electrogenic wetlands for the removal of emerging pollutants in urban wastewater

Duration: 2018 - 2021

Research groups: Bioe



Our project aims to evaluate the role of microbial electrochemistry in the biodegradation of emerging pollutants from real urban wastewater generated at IMDEA Water Institute.

General activities

We have constructed a electrochemically-assisted constructed wetland, so-called METland®, in the facilities of IMDEA WATER with the purpose of treating the dairy production of wastewater from the institute. We are monitoring the pollutant removal (including COD, nutrients and emerging pollutants) together with ecotoxicological parameters of treated wastewater.

Expected results

We expect to setup the operation conditions for METland® technology to achieve the optimal removal of pollutants from a real urban wastewater with low COD. The treatment in combination with ultrafiltration should generate a water with re-use quality.


Industrial Doctorate in collaboration with METFILTER, S.L. IND2017/AMB-7648 funded by: