SDGs – Chain of Values

At IMDEA Water we work to fulfil our commitments to value creation, stakeholders, information transparency and our contribution to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), incorporated globally through our scientific-technical offer.

We align our value “commitment to society” with all research activities in a way that minimises environmental impact. All research activities carried out at IMDEA Water are aimed at achieving environmental sustainability.

The main actions carried out are:

  • Aligning the SDGs with all research projects associated with our scientific-technical offer.
  • Designing and implementing R&D&I projects that promote environmental technologies and contribute to the circular economy. Each project defines environmental improvement objectives.
  • All the projects carried out at IMDEA Water propose technologies and actions that guarantee compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Proper waste management, following the “waste management procedure” implemented.
  • Optimising energy consumption in the facilities through the use of geothermal energy.

In this way we manage to satisfy the needs of the different stakeholders represented in the Ecosystem.