Climate change scenarios in Colombia and Uruguay

Published On: January 21, 2020

Exploring HYDROBID hydrological model

One of the consequences of climate change will be the alteration of the natural water regime of the drainage basins. The process, like everything that involves the different environmental systems, is complex, so venturing into the forecast of hydrological modification scenarios due to possible climate change trends does not cease to have a component of uncertainty, even if it is more than necessary to venture into them in order to properly manage future water needs. In these types of situations, modelling is imposed. It is a relatively affordable way of predicting the future consequences of these changes in order to anticipate the most negative aspects that such changes may entail.

Hydro-BID is one of those hydrological models developed to analyse such situations, grouped under the broad umbrella of environmental changes, including climate change. Unlike other hydrological models, Hydro-BID has its own characteristics that make it a tool with great potential and that differentiate it from other models that could also do similar analyses, such as having been oriented to basins in Latin America and the Caribbean, the inclusion of a spatial database that incorporates basic modelling parameters, the relative ease of use and being specifically designed for the analysis of climate change scenarios.

This is what the three contributions that appear in the new issue of Notes on Geomatics, entitled Climate Change Scenarios in Colombia and Uruguay, analyse. Exploring the HYDROBID hydrological model. They are works that, in addition to evaluate the future projection of the possible climate impact, also assess the program and apply to specific case studies. Two contributions are applied to drainage basins located in Colombia (the Coello River basins, in the Andean Region, and the Chicamocha river basin, in the Cundiboyacense highlands), while the third one is located in Uruguay, in the Negro river basin.

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