Collaboration with the Amazonian Regional University of Ecuador

Published On: December 16, 2015

In relation with three of the research lines in which IMDEA Water works

Collaboration with the Amazonian Regional University of Ecuador

IMDEA Water Institute and the University of Alcalá received representatives of the Amazonian Regional University of Ecuador, with the aim of finding ways to collaborate on issues of common interest related to water, in particular those related to three of the topics where the Institute is currently working.

The first one, related to biological indicators to define the ecological status of surface waters and control of cyanobacteria and their toxins in water bodies.

Secondly, membrane technologies are a common issue and IMDEA Water  performs research about characterization, fouling and effectiveness of different treatments and cleaning commercial membranes within the European project LIFE TRANSFOMEM.

Thirdly, photovoltaic solar technologies applied in water treatment processes to solve the problem of access to drinking water or sewage treatment, developing clean and sustainable solutions that increase system efficiency. This activities would lead to reduce costs, save energy, facilitate access to water treatments or improve access to drinking water in emergency situations.

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