David Mostaza defends his doctoral thesis on the relationship between surface water and groundwater bodies

Published On: June 10, 2019

The work framed within the Doctoral Program in Hydrology and Water Resources Management

The researcher David Mostaza has defended his doctoral thesis in the International Doctoral School of the URJC, framed within the doctoral program in Hydrology and Water Resources Management. This title of Doctor is granted by the​ University of Alcalá and the Rey Juan Carlos University.

The thesis entitled Relationship between surface waters and groundwater at the Groundwater Body (MAS) 030.007 “Aluviales: Jarama Tajuña” has been developed at IMDEA Water Institute, within Smart-Hydro project: Intelligent system to optimize the use of water in agriculture (RTC-2014-2367-5). Dr. Francisco Carreño, associated researcher of IMDEA Water and Professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University, has been the director of this work.


The work aims to study the existing relationship between surface water bodies and the groundwater body through the hydrochemical characterization and the study of the variation of water levels.

The study area is located in the lower section of the Jarama river basin, situated southeast of the Community of Madrid. The set of superficial water bodies (Jarama river and lakes) and groundwater bodies (Aluviales: Jarama-Tajuña) that lies inside the study area have been affected significantly by human activities such as exploitation of water and mining resources, intensive agriculture and urban and industrial pressures.




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