Disponible la revista electrónica del proyecto iMETland

Published On: July 18, 2016

Information about the progress of the project, activities and conferences

Members of the European project iMETland (H2020 programme) have launched the first release of an electronic journal that aims to inform both the progress of the project and the activities and conferences that are organized by the consortium.

iMETland project aims at unleashing the small community economies potential through innovative wastewater treatments technologies, creating a virtuous circle connecting water, energy, ICT , land resources and safeguarding the environment.

The project maximises the innovation potential of the following technical features, to be tested and validated at four different geographical locations: Mediterranean (Spain), North-Europe (Denmark), South-America (Argentina) and North-America (Mexico).

·      Biofilters outperformance: the combination of electroactive bacteria with electroconductive material leads to 10-fold higher depuration rates than classical techniques;

·      Wastewater disinfestation: wastewater will be converted in pathogen-free water, suitable for irrigation;

·      Zero-Energy operation cost: iMETland units are designed to work under grid-free conditions;

·      ICT remote control: the conversion of sewage treatment into electric current can be used as an output signal to control the process through users’ ICT;

·      Landscape beautification: iMETland units are well integrated with the surrounding environment

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