IMDEA Water launches the Hydraulic Heritage Information System of the Community of Madrid

Published On: April 25, 2024

Information on the Hydraulic Heritage of the Community of Madrid

IMDEA Water and the Centre for Landscape Knowledge have launched the Hydraulic Heritage Information System of the Community of Madrid (PAHCAM). This participatory resource aims to collect information about the cultural heritage of water in the region. Its development has been promoted by the Geomatics Laboratory, through a project that began almost a decade ago.

PAHCAM’s mission is to incorporate new information technologies into the inventories and characterization of the tangible and intangible water heritage in the Madrid region. Accessibility, open participatory systems, and social involvement through citizen science are highlighted in the newly released system.

Each element can be consulted directly from the digital map, as well as downloading the information related to them. Access to a collaborative database is also included for those who wish to contribute new heritage assets or suggest comments and modifications on those that already appear in the section.

In its current version, the system has five sections (dictionary, documents, inventory, water itineraries and research) that cover the main aspects related to knowledge, dissemination, enhancement, and application of disruptive technologies to the study of water.


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