IMDEA Water commemorates World Water Day with various activities aimed at students

Published On: March 22, 2024

Nearly 280 students have participated in the agenda of activities organized by IMDEA Agua on World Water Day. Under the motto Water for Peace, the United Nations intends to spread awareness on 22nd March about the importance of water as a human right, which is integral to all aspects of life.

Water scarcity or contamination, and unequal or non-existent water resources are factors that increase tensions between communities and countries. Throughout the week, students from primary and secondary school, Baccalaureate and training cycles have attended various talks in education centres and visits to the IMDEA Agua laboratories. With the help of the research staff, they have been able to learn how science works for the sustainable management of shared water resources.

World Water Day

Among the activities prepared by the research groups, it is worth highlighting:

  • Do we pollute from our homes?
  • Water Quality Control Tour
  • Nature knows best: bacteria for cleaning wastewater
  • Membranes mission: supporting change
  • The invisible life of water
  • Microplastics Alert

These activities are part of the MADRIDNIGHT project, a scientific dissemination project coordinated by Fundación madri+d and funded by the European Union within the Horizon Europe Programme, under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions with grant agreement no. 101061343.




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