IMDEA Water, one of the first four Spanish entities to receive the EFQM Model 2020 seal

Published On: April 28, 2021

The IMDEA Water Institute has obtained the 400+ international certification for its excellent, innovative and sustainable management based on the new EFQM 2020 Model.

Research and innovation is the day-to-day of IMDEA Water’s activity and to support it, a management system based on continuous improvement is required, which facilitates communication, adaptation to changes and decision-making. The transformation towards excellent management is something that has been part of the Institute’s strategy since its inception, so much so that in 2008 it committed itself to the “Human Resources Research Strategy” (HRS4R) of the European Union by considering people the most relevant stakeholder. It obtained the HRS4R seal in 2010, being the first Spanish entity to achieve it.

Some time later, wanting to continue with the commitment to improvement, in 2012 the first steps were taken to implement a management model that faced a more general approach such as the EFQM Model (of the European Foundation for Quality Management), materializing in 2017 with the EFQM 300+ recognition.

This was a turning point that led to a strategic reflection to incorporate new approaches to the management model, adapting the support tools available to date. These approaches have materialized in the digitization of our value chain (relying on technology that has been gradually incorporated), in the improvement and organization of the strategic surveillance system, in risk management, in the review of the management system, in the continuous analysis of our work environment, in reinforcing collaborations, etc.

The strategic reflection has been done by answering 3 questions: Why? to design the strategy and plan future plans, how? to execute that strategy effectively and efficiently and what? to manage the results including a forecast for the future.

Following a management support model invites reflection, the continuous and organized review of the activity, the control and supervision of the results, to look for ways to reinforce the collaborations or to integrate different parameters in the same management system. All of this is necessary to facilitate and support research and innovation, which is the activity carried out by the institute.

IMDEA Water has not only renewed the EFQM seal, but has also exceeded the score obtaining 400+, being one of the first four Spanish entities to face and be accredited with the new model in its 2020 version.


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