Title: Quantification, treatment and environmental impact of micronanoplastics in WWTPs

Duration: 2020 - 2023

Research groups: Membrane technology



nanoCLEAN aims to implement efficient membrane technology (MBR-UF) to remove micronanoplastics (MNPs) from WWTPs as well as developing new sampling and a sensitive quantification analysis supported by Life Cycle Assessment and Life cycle Costing.

General Activities

  • Development of Pyr-GC-MS for MNPs identification and quantification.
  • Implementation of pressure driven membranes for MNP sampling.
  • Removal of MNPs from WWTP effluents by MBR.
  • Environmental impact and Life Cycle costing of implemented integrated systems.
  • Dissemination and communication of results.

Expected results

nanoCLEAN will generate frontier knowledge that will help to normalize and standardize MNP quantification as well as obtaining high quality water free of MNPs. nanoCLEAN will create special awareness regarding MNP contamination.


Grant PID2019-111519RA-I00 funded by: