Olga Titica tells us about her internship at IMDEA Water

Published On: June 28, 2018

University of Calgary student

Canadian Olga Titica, Science and Chemistry student at University of Calgary, has been making her internship at Analysis Laboratory of IMDEA Water Institute under the supervision of Dr. Leonor Nozal. Olga has participated in the International Internship Programs in Spain of Olesay.

What does your job consists of?

My job consisted in learning  and applying analytical methods in order to find various parameters in water and soil samples. As I am an undergraduate student, this internship was not required  however I chose to apply some of the knowledge I gathered at my host university (University of Calgary) and complete 4 weeks at IMDEA Agua.

Why did you choose IMDEA Water for an internship?

Choosing IMDEA Agua for my internship was an easy choice since it was very closely related to my career goals. My intentions are to work in the water treatment area and IMDEA offered exactly what I was looking for including analytical methods, sophisticated equipment  a holistic understanding of what working in the laboratory was like and a great team of employees.

How this internship helps you to advance in your research?

This internship gave me a good understanding of what my future job could look like. It has taught me multi-tasking, using my time efficiently in the laboratory, organizing tasks and most evidently analytical test not just at a theoretical level but practical as well. It helped confirm my career choice as I truly enjoyed my time at IMDEA.

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