Scottish Companies meet our researchers

Published On: November 13, 2018

Companies and authorities visited the institute

IMDEA Water has received the visit of four Scottish Companies specializing in wastewater treatment. Sessions have been organized by the British Embassy in order to know our research and evaluate potential collaborations.

In the meeting participated Phil Lynch, Business Development Manager of Aquabio Scotland Ltd, turnkey contractor for wastewater treatment plants specialising in water pre-use and recycling; Ken Wilcock of Scotmas provider of chlorine dioxide system to water utilities; Derrick Emms, Director of Sustainable Water Company Ltd, company which desing wetlands for water management and Sandy Mc Ewen, Managing Director of William Johnston, this company manufacture and supply gaskets.

The conference also included groups of Microbial Electrochemical Technologies, Soil and Water Quality and Membrane Technology, which showed the main projects and advances of their research lines.

The scientific session finished after a visit of pilot plants infraestructures

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