Lake Chad Basin Groundwater Information


Duration: 2017 - 2019



Conceptualization and model development of the Lake Chad groundwater flow model (steady-state, 2008-2011 period) at the basin level. Calibration, principal results and findings of the modelling process and predictive analysis of management scenarios.

General activities

a) assessment of current knowledge from previous hydrological works for groundwater studies in the Lake Chad Basin aquifer system
b) groundwater model conceptualization and
c) numerical model definition, calibration procedures and results.

Expected results

a) Updated groundwater conditions in the Lake Chad Basin, data gaps and data quality.
b) Conceptualization of the hydrological status and system dynamics (climate, hydrologic, abstraction) to date.
c) A numerical groundwater flow by integrating all the new available data and information.


Reference: 7183277, 7191913
Funded by: World Bank Group