Title: Generating biomass with reclaimed water: opportunity for the circular bioeconomy

Duration: 2020 - 2023



The main objective is to develop a process for the regeneration and reuse of water from beer industry, based on technologies that imitate nature such as vegetation filters, within a context of circular economy and biosustainability, and in which biomass production is produced.

General activities

Evaluation of different amendments that improve the attenuation of pollutants. Identification of pollutant abatement processes Characterization of plant material of the genus Populus autochthonous species and productive hybrids) based on the potential for adaptation to cultivation conditions through the use of water from the agri-food industry as a substitute for conventional irrigation. Assessment of vegetation filter efficiency in terms of pollutant removal, aquifer recharge, biomass production and mitigation of the carbon footprint of the plantation.

Expected results

Pollutant leaching mitigation.
Recovery of the water resource.
Reduced costs of industrial wastewater treatment.


Industrial doctorate in collaboration with EULEN, S.A.
Grant IND2019/AMB-17191 funded by: