Talles Bruno Oliveira tells us about his internship at IMDEA Water

Published On: August 22, 2019

MSc student in Ecotoxicology from Koblenz-Landau’s University, Germany

Talles Bruno Oliveira is a MSc student in Ecotoxicology from Koblenz-Landau’s University, Germany. He has been doing an internship at IMDEA Water from April to August with Ecotoxicology group.

1. What does your job consists of?

The project aimed to investigate the direct and indirect effects of pesticides and different nutrients scenarios on aquatic macroinvertebrates communities and populations. Moreover, I had the chance to develop a side experiment where, besides the factors mentioned above included the impact of predation on Daphnia´s population dynamics.


2. Why did you choose IMDEA Water for an internship?

I chose IMDEA Water due to its national and international relevance for science, due to its excellent facilities, and because of the high-level researchers from the Ecotoloxicology group, as Professor Marco Vighi and Dr Andreu Rico.


3. How this internship helps you to advance in your research?

I had the opportunity to work for the first time in a mesocosms experiment. I could learn with the project and apply some of my knowledge. Moreover, the working environment was a differential, and I could learn from different people with different scientific and cultural backgrounds. The experience acquired during my stay will be a differential in my curriculum.

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