What do you do to improve the Earth?

Published On: September 13, 2021

European Researchers´ Night in Madrid 2021

Researchers from the IMDEA Institutes come together on this unique occasion to showcase how they tackle global issues and offer solutions to current problems.

What do you do to improve the Earth? Is the title under researchers with different science backgrounds will explain how science can and should be the planet´s best ally. They will also show examples of how their work contributes to a sustained and sustainable development. Moreover, they will talk about why they decided to pursue science and about both the positive and the most difficult aspects of their work.

The activity will take place on 24th September at the auditorium of the Residencia de Estudiantes de Madrid. The attendees (booking required) will be able to ask, express their opinions, suggest new lines of investigation, etc.

The event will also be live broadcasted from the Residencia de Estudiantes through Edad de Plata.

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