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  • Career Orientation tool: Tool aimed at researchers who want to assess their motivations, while identifying actions and resources to carry out the following steps. It can help researchers who are in their first stage to start in the world of career development so that they can start to make a more active management of their professional career.
  • PIPERS Project Career Kit: Collection of learning resources in different subjects: entrepreneurship, intellectual property, leadership skills, management of the research career, professional development, self-evaluation of researchers, exploitation of research results and work with the industry.
  • Discover: careers beyond academia. Find out more about possibilities and options for careers in other sectors: sector information, jobs & competencies, plan your career, career stories.
  • Talent Development Suite: Tool to help with personal professional development planning, analyzing past and present, and what is the idea of future career. In addition, there is a section with a travel map, where you can put how you expect to be in the future and the milestones you hope to achieve.
  • DocPro: It offers insight into the skills that post-doctoral researchers develop throughout their careers. It provides a clear and well-structured view of the skills you have to offer an employer. It is an analysis, self-assessment and communication tool that will help prepare for a career change and value your skills. In addition, it allows you to contact employers.
  • myIDP: It is a free professional planning tool to help pre and postdoctoral researchers in science define and pursue their professional goals.
  • e-Skills Match: e-Skills Match is an EU-funded initiative, which offers a learning technology demo-platform, operating on a European level to support training for reaching the essential digital competences and e-skills required by citizens and businesses to remain competitive in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector.

Researcher career path at IMDEA Water and in Spain

Below is a diagram with funding opportunities in which IMDEA Agua participates in the incorporation of researchers.

Here you can consult the researcher career path in Spain prepared by FECYT. This is an updated diagram of the different stages of the research career in which the different grants that can be requested at any time are identified, including the opportunities offered by the different autonomous communities.

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