Transferable skills

In addition to scientific-technical training, IMDEA Water offers its employees useful transferable training for the development of their career, so that the staff acquires the necessary skills, such as:

  • Professional conduct: intellectual property rights and copyrights; through seminars on intellectual property.
  • Communication and dissemination: communication methods and media; through courses on scientific dissemination.
  • Research management: project planning and execution; through seminars on calls and funding opportunities, presentation of proposals, etc.
  • Knowledge base; through courses on CV writing (such as those offered here), bibliographic searches (such as those offered by the FECYT) and writing of scientific articles.

In the following links you can access training resources to improve transversal skills:

  • PIPERS Project Career Kit: Collection of learning resources in different subjects: entrepreneurship, intellectual property, leadership skills, management of the research career, professional development, self-evaluation of researchers, exploitation of research results and work with the industry.
  • Skills Match: Free tool that identifies soft skills related to chosen occupations and matches them to existing online courses

Taking as a starting point the Researcher Development Framework de Vitae, the ODISEA group, to which IMDEA Water belongs, has determined the minimum competencies that researchers should have at each stage of their career, as can be seen in the following competence map:

ODISEA is a working group that aims to design a common strategy for the development of the research career at each stage of the professional career of researchers. The group is formed by the following entities: Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M), IMDEA Materials Institute, IMDEA Water Institute, Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Madri+d Foundation, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) and Bizkaia Talent.

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Transferable skills