“The quantification of emerging pollutants in water and the environment are important topics for the future”

Published On: September 12, 2023

Pierre Clergeot: "The quantification of emerging pollutants in water and the environment are important topics for the future”Pierre Clergeot, a student from the French engineering school ENGEES (National School for Water and Environmental Engineering of Strasbourg), has been working with the Membrane Technology group during last July. Mr Clergeot talks about this stay at IMDEA and how it has been beneficial to his studies in water and environmental engineering.

What is the scope of your research?

I have been assisting the group in experiments related to microplastic preconcentration, virus filtration experiments, and field sample collection.

Why did you choose IMDEA Water for an internship?

I chose the IMDEA Water Institute because they deal with subjects that I am sensitive to, namely the quantification of emerging pollutants in water and the environment. These are important topics for the future. Additionally, during my training in France, I did not have the chance to explore the research aspect of our profession, so this is a valuable experience for me.

 Have you achieved the goals you were hoping to during your internship?

The objectives of this internship were for me to discover the labour world in another country, to learn about the differences and commonalities we share regarding various aspects of water and environmental professions. I consider these objectives accomplished.

Have you collaborated with other researchers at the IMDEA Water Institute?

I only worked with the members of the membrane group, but I had the opportunity to discuss ongoing projects with other research groups at IMDEA. The projects I was able to discuss are all very interesting and of great importance for the future.

To whom would you recommend this stay?

I would recommend this internship to anyone who is concerned about current environmental issues and to those interested in research and laboratory work.

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